Travel Tips for Kerala

Shopping – Kerala offers a range of things to shop for. Right from its all so famous spices, its pretty sarees, yellow gold jewellery, diamonds, silver and tasteful and well crafted arts and handicrafts. While it might be tempting to take them all back home, make you check the fair prices from our representative, who will also tell you what to shop for and from where.

Tips – A satisfactory service may well warrant a tip, but please make sure you don’t over do it. A reasonable tip on food and beverages may be between 10 to 15%. For smaller services like those of hotel attendants Rs.50/- or less would be adequate. For satisfactory service of drivers, a good tip would be Rs.100 and Rs.150 for an extended travel or trip. If however you are to use the same driver for more than a day, it is best to tip them at the end.

Toddy – The local intoxicating drink made from coconut or palm sap is worth a try. However it is best to ask for it at your hotel, as they would know better where to source it.

When you are free to explore Kerala on your own, make sure you set out on foot or hire a bicycle to have a unique experience. When using the auto rickshaw it might be a good idea to find out the reasonable rates and decide on the rates with the driver before taking a ride.

Things to be careful about

  • Smoking – Smoking in public places is banned in India
  • Begging – Please do not encourage beggars by providing alms
  • Water – Avoid drinking water from the tap. Drink only bottled water.
  • Clothes – As hot as it might get, it is best to dress modestly to avoid unwanted attention. Too much skin show is frowned upon.

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