The inner voice of the Self. That echoes on a fabled beach, shaped like the very first sound of creation, Om. A  perfect setting, for communion of mind and body. Crafted in colors of the Earth, in harmony with the land that nurtures her. Celebrating simplicity and purity, saluting local ethos and heritage.  Swa” in Sanskrit means “the self” and “Swara” refers to “sound”. Therefore the hotel’s name would mean “inner rythm” . It is an invitation to journey into the Self, powered by yoga and meditation. Come, say hello to the song and celebration within you.


SwaSwara is an expression of the power of wellness in a space rich with healing energy. All the elements of nature embrace you here, resting and rejuvenating body and spirit. 


Neither a spa nor an ashram, SwaSwara is a sanctuary for your ‘Prakruti’ or the innermost nature of an individual, that special blend of qualities that makes you unique. It is an introduction to a life plan that will reconstruct the mind and body, creating balance and harmony within. SwaSwara is managed by people who transform their own lives, while creating memorable holiday experiences for you. Journeying into the self is a maxim that we advocate. While you practice it when on holiday, we get to do it on the job.


At SwaSwara , Ayurveda provides insights to live one's life in harmony with nature, while giving practical guidelines for a regulated diet and daily routine, techniques for stress management and exercises for increased fitness to help us take control of our lives and develop radiant health. 


Ranging from 5 to 21 nights, it offers primarily 4 types of programs-Swa holiday for a rejuvenating holiday the Swaswara way, Prana-a healing program focused on yoga, Swastha-a detox and cleansing program incorporating the system of Naturopathy and Ayurveda and Shanti-a union with the self through yoga


The villas are built in harmony with the surrounding landscape and the local traditions: thatched roof, stone walls with colours symbolizing the energy of earth and a minimalist decoration that encourages the spiritual retreat. Let yourself be lulled by the ocean’music and the natural sea breeze fragrance. 


The rooms are spacious and comfortable villas with a private garden and a terrace at the second floor, so you can practice some yoga while enjoying the ocean view and the surrounding nature.


To respect the environment, the bathroom products are home-made and packed in lovely ceramic containers. The lemongrass and holly basil in each villa's garden can be used to concoct your own energising herbal tea every morning.

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Duration: 14Nights /15Days



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