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Spice Village is the essence of a mountain tribal village, re-imagined for the modern independent traveler. If you need evidence that comfort is easily obtained without intruding on Nature, you don need to look further than Spice Villages cottages. No fancy carpets. Just coir mats on bare stone floors. Modern bathrooms and interiors, but with a spartan elegance based on simple, natural materials and local woodcraft.

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The evocative name of the Cardamom Hills is home to the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, a reserve on the Kerala/Tamil Nadu border which is surrounded by tea and spice plantations. Lush forest, with a vast lake at its heart, is home to many indigenous animals.

VISIT TO AN ELEPHANT CAMP, you could help the mahout to wash the elephant; see how much the Elephant likes to be bathed. Enjoy a short ride on an elephant to get the best view of the stunning scenery.



  • Spice Village Cottage :

    No artificial air-conditioned spaces here. Just cool, naturally lit rooms and airy private porches. So open a window and your mind as well. And let your senses be enveloped by the sounds and scents wafting in on the forest air. From a rise, the roofs of Spice Village will seem to spring from the forest itself. In our cottages, you sleep under a thatched roof made of elephant grass, identical to those on the tribal huts of the region.


  • Dining :

    Take heart, you do not have to walk 50 miles to lunch. The name simply refers to our sourcing of all the ingredients in your food. Of course, a good bit of the food comes from more like 50 yards away. Our vegetables are grown in house at our organic farms. And fish comes in fresh from the river. But the real magic in Spice VIllage cuisine comes from - you guessed it - fresh spices.


  • Mini bar (chargeable)
  • Safe locker
  • Dental Kit, Shaving Kit
  • Packaged drinking water
  • 24 hrs hot & cold running water
  • Hair drier
  • Coffee maker
  • Telephone
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