Eighth Bastion- Resorts In Kerala


The Eighth Bastion’s face is open, contemporary, and even post-modern. The architecture combines clean cubic lines with chic, retro touches such as the railings and roof tiles. Note the VOC-branded furniture scattered about, exact replicas of the chairs once found on Dutch Schooners.

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European influences are instantly apparent in this charming town picturesquely located on a number of islands squeezed between the Arabian Sea and the Kerala backwaters. The maritime history of Cochin is reflected in its blend of Dutch, Portuguese and British architecture.



  • Elegance :

    Most of our rooms open on to airy patios or balconies. Just the spot to enjoy a morning tea, an afternoon nap or just to get a double-barelled lungful of the fine tropical sea breezes of the Malabar . Our Bathrooms are luxe, modern spaces, but we wanted them also to retain a traditional warmth. Many are outfitted with floor tubs and rain shower systems.


  • Dutch Modern Dining :

    The cuisine at Eighth Bastion is a contemporary take on some old favourites, hand-picked from the ring of Indian Ocean spots that were in the greater sphere of Dutch influence from the early 1600s. On the East Indies’ eclectic menu, Cheese Tarts jostle for space with robust Malasian Redangs. And the Sri Lankan Lamprise offsets its equally fishy, equally leaf-covered Gujarati-Parsi cousin, patra-ni- machch.


  • 24 Hour Reception
  • Security
  • Room Service
  • Air-conditioned
  • Complimentary Breakfast
  • Swimming pool
  • Telephone
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