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Marari Beach Resort sprawls across 55 acres of lawns, far-flung lotus ponds and whispering coconut groves, all threaded through with stone- flagged pathways. Youll find, is the one place where you can unwind completely, without the trying bit. You can watch TV to relax, for example. We thoughtfully left all that stuff off the schedule. Instead, what about a completely aimless walk on a path strewn with wildflowers? Or an hour spent with a Monarch butterfly? Or a glowing afternoon on a near-empty beach, watching the waves change colour? Marari is not merely an antidote to stress. Its a cure for that other vexing holiday problem: Trying to take it Easy. Because here, you can throw away the to do list and be free. With no effort at all.

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Tucked away inside quiet and lush coconut groves, this resort set by the pristine white-sand beaches of Marari offers you unparalleled quite in astoundingly beautiful settings.



  • Garden Villa :

    There are 49 standard rooms with a living cum bedroom, a private sit out and a partly open-to-sky bathroom. There are 23 twin bedded rooms and 26 large bedded rooms. Three pairs of them are interconnecting ones. One cottage has specially been designed for guests with special needs, wheel chair friendly room with no steps, railings in the bathroom etc.

  • Garden Pool Villas :

    There are 10 cottages in all, 4 pairs being interconnected and 2 individual cottages. One of the garden pool villas is a twin bedded room. These rooms are similar to the garden villas in area except that there is an additional small private pool to each cottage, the size being 6m x 3m. The depth being 2ft at the shallow end & 4ft at the deep end.

  • Deluxe Pool Villas :

    There are only three deluxe pool villas, all double bedded rooms. A deluxe pool villa has a separate living room, a spacious bedroom, a passage, a private sit out, a partly open-to-the sky bathroom, a closed bathroom, a much larger private pool with a garden. The area of the deluxe pool villa is 821.48 sq ft (the larger one being 897.39 sq ft). The size of the pool is 8m x 4m. The shallow end being 3.3 ft and the deep end being 6 ft deep.


  • Chakara Restaurant :

    Marari cuisine is as multi-layered and subtle as a typical Kerala curry heavily based on the fruits of the ocean - fresh fish and shellfish -crafted into an endless array of possibilities. The next layer is fresh produce from local organic farms. The topper? Fresh ground coconut and aromatic spices from the mountains. Wars were once fought over these, and a spoonful or two of our signature fish dishes will amply confirm why.


  • Bird watching
  • Boat trips
  • Cycling
  • Cooking classes
  • Kayak/canoeing
  • Private guided tours
  • Spa
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Yoga
  • Martial arts
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