Kerala weather

Think of Kerala and the word lush green comes to your mind. If that thought warms you up, then here is the good news. This is how the state is going to be all through the year. Its proximity to the equator, and other geographical factors like being on the windward side of the mountain, perpendicularly meeting the moisture laden South West winds and coastal influence, the state is endowed with abundant rainfall making it a haven for all kinds of vegetation.

Make it work for you:

Best time to travel – The months from September to March are generally considered the best months to travel. This is because the weather is sunny, pleasant and balmy. That makes the hill stations even more cooler and inviting. Rainy Season – The wet monsoon months are in June and July. What starts as heavy rainfall in the beginning of the season slowly dwindles down to provide a spectacular travel experience. While the environment surrounding you is plush with gleaming green plant cover, the short spells of rains are a charming addition. To add more to the views that are soothing to the mind, this season is when the Ayurvedic massages are believed to be more effective.

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