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Thalassery often described as The Town of 3 Cs that is Cakes, Cricket and Circus. The Indians first played Cricket here. Beautiful colonial building is an added attraction of the town. Striking feature of Thalassery is that it is the first place where the British established their regular settlement in Kerala in 1683. Dr.Gundert, a famous European scholar of Malayalam built a church here. There is a college in his name at Thalassery.


  • Thalassery Fort:

    An amazing structure built by the English East India Company (EEIC) in 1708. It is on a rocky cliff overlooking the Arabian Sea. A must watch monument if you have passion for history. The scene of lighthouse is still spectacular.

  • Muzhappilangad Drive in Beach (6 km north of Thalassery):

    Muzhappilangad is the only drive in beach in Kerala. Here, you get a wonderful opportunity to make 4 km long drive watching the spectacular scenery around. You will love the coconut groves and the rock formation here apart from your pleasant driving experience. To feel the thrill, please watch the Video appended on the right side of the screen.

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