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Thattekad Bird Sanctuary is amongst the most visited tourist spots of Kerala and the word Thattekad means flat forests This bird sanctuary has lush green surroundings, due to the presence of thick cover of evergreen forests with abundance of deciduous forests and small patches of grasslands. The place was declared officially as a bird reserve in the year 1983 after numerous recommendations from Dr. Salim Ali in the past. This bird reserve serves as a house to more than 500 different species of Indian birds. The sanctuary has been designed under the guidance of Dr. Salim Ali, a famous ornithologist and is spread across an area of roughly 25 square km. Common trees found here include rosewood, teak, etc. Some of the rare bird species, like Crimson Throated Barbet, Sunbird, Shrike, Bee-eater, Night Heron, Fairy blue bird and Black winged kite can be spotted in this bird reserve easily.


  • Thattekad Bird Sanctuary:

    The Thattekad Bird Sanctuary although open throughout the year, the best time to visit the sanctuary is during winters. The migratory birds come to this region and you can spot the maximum variety of birds during this time. Monsoons are a bad time to visit the bird sanctuary as it will be difficult to see birds in the rain.

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