about kerala

About Kerala

Wedged between the towering Western Ghats and charming beaches in the deep South of India, Kerala draws scores of people with her alluring beauty. Its beauty lies not just in the eyes of the beholder but all around it. With varied landforms, rising high as mountain ranges to expansive fields and sugary white shores,it has something in store for everyone.

The strongest pull towards Kerala comes from nature and culture that abounds this state. The green foliage, fragrant spice plantations, enchanting beaches, paired with the soothing balmy weather is a great treat to the sore eyes.

The excitement that the variety offers in sights is complemented by the scope for multitude of activities. Whether you wish to breeze past the scenes or get together with people with a passion for machines and ride around or blaze trails and scale heights, there are options galore. Traditional art forms like the Kathakali, a dance drama known for its elaborate makeup and costumes and ‘Kalaripayattu’, the martial art form that has its origins here are performances that one should not miss while visiting this enchanting land.

The cuisine of Kerala provides a unique experience in itself. Endowed with abundant water resource, be it the salty seawater all along its long coastline or the interweaved network of backwaters with fresh water, fresh seafood is in constant supply here. The distinct flavor of coconut in the food, takes a little getting used to, but provides a healthy and delicious gastronomic experience. From time immemorial Kerala has enticed travellers and traders with its aromatic spices. The daily meal here is a treat to the taste buds with the tantalizing zing of spices.

As a tribute to its rich culture and its beautiful places of worship, the calendars of Kerala are filled up with innumerable festivals, each one a great spectacle of colours, sights and sounds. The much-revered elephants and the traditional boats that form a major part of their livelihood are an important feature in many festivals. The annual boat races draw people from all around the globe year after year.

The jewels on the crown though are the web of serene backwaters and the rejuvenating and therapeutic massages. Both are experiences that set Kerala apart from the rest of the places in India. While the backwaters provide a treat for the eyes with its tranquil beauty the Kerala massages treat the mind, body and soul.

Despite multiple tours, one would have still not discovered Kerala completely. Such is the multitude of experiences that this mystical land possesses. Experience Kerala and enjoy the beautiful extravagance that it is.

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